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Debate on Tablet Use in Schools

I was very against using tablets in classrooms, but I have come down from my perch. I hated the vision of children in classrooms glued to their tablets. Screen-viewing 24/7!! AHH!

The truth is, tablets are SO useful! First of all, students can take quizzes on a tablet and the teacher will have the results immediately. Textbooks can be digitized. All of this amounts to a HUGE reduction in paper.

Secondly, who doesn’t like to learn through games and visual stimuli? Not only is it interesting (read: not another boring lecture where I now have to go home and memorize 20 things), but it is interactive, which helps us remember better.

Students shouldn’t use a tablet as their only method of learning. It should facilitate a teacher, as the teacher-student relationship is still very important. The teacher can pick and choose different lesson plans, some that heavily use the tablet and some that may not use it at all.

We are in the technological movement. If we want our students to succeed in the future, they must keep up with the times. Having our children learn how to use technology at an early age will improve all careers, as even skilled- and unskilled-labor jobs will one day be using “advanced technology” such as tablets and robots to do oil changes, work in a fast-food restaurant, and clean a house.

No Child Left Untableted –

Steve Jobs School in the Netherlands – Totally Cool Pix.

Why We Will Rely on Robots, Rodney Brooks – Ted Talk.


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