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Suggested Internet Reading

So, I read. A lot.

I share a lot of important articles through “Check it Out”, centered on the topics most important to me (Education, Minority Rights, Women’s Rights, and Sustainable Living). But often I come across interesting and still-important articles that are unrelated to these main topics. Well, they shouldn’t be completely left out, right?

I hope to start a new little weekly series where I will share some thought-provoking articles that I have come across on the web. Let’s see how well I can stick to this goal.

Here are a few good reads that I have recently come across. Note: some are on the longer side, but are nevertheless worth it! I also apologize if I have chosen a New York Times article that is subscription-only. It’s difficult to tell which are for public-viewing versus for subscribers. 

The Way of All Flesh (Longform Reprints) – A man goes undercover in a meat processing plant. I am officially going vegetarian after reading this honest article.

You Can’t Have it All, But You Can Have Cake (NY Times) – This is my favorite take on the “Lean In” movement. It’s a brief article, but well said. The title says it all.

The Global Elite’s Favorite Strongman (NY Times) – Rwanda’s president appears perfect on the surface (as do them all, right?), but Jeffrey Gettleman exposes some truths in this special interview with Paul Kagame.

A World of Big Food (NPR) – I came across these creative photos months ago, but apparently they didn’t get passed around the internet enough because now they are showing up in this recent article on NPR. If you haven’t seen these yet, it’s worth it to take a glance!

The Best Article on the Syria Conflict (Washington Post) – Hands down the most easy-to-read yet comprehensive article concerning the current Syria Conflict, focusing on the history of the country and putting everything into relation and perspective.


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