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Check this out: Norway’s Halden Prison

This is all kinds of weird for an American to see. Trees, grass, benches, running track at a jail?

Flatscreen tv, colored wall, no bars on the window? Are these Norwegians nuts?

Mmm no, not nuts. They just have a very unique idea of what the prison system should be. Instead of outright punishment, it’s more a rehabilitation program so that members of society can learn from their mistakes and reenter society as a productive member rather than a continual drain on the system.

Can we really argue with that? Can the United States really say that it’s prison system is achieving any good? At least some good news is that the U.S. prison population is on the decline.

Check out this article for more interesting information about how this Norway prison is rethinking the prison sentence:

The World’s Most Humane Prison: Norway’s Halden Prison – Ned Hardy | Ned Hardy.


2 comments on “Check this out: Norway’s Halden Prison

  1. bbtwentysomething
    September 4, 2013

    I sincerely appreciate this post. I have been trying to explain this prison to people I know in America for the longest time, and I am always met with skepticism and disbelief. Although I have no first hand experience, it seems that our system of degradation, humiliation and hostility do nothing more than create resentment for the system which we expect them to abide by. I think people, especially policy makers, forget that these individuals will more than likely return to the street. What kind person do we expect to come out of our prisons?

    • mbstrawn
      September 6, 2013

      Exactly… our prison system is in a terrible state right now. But amongst all of the problems of the United States, unfortunately there isn’t much attention given to the prisoners nor justice system (abuse of police powers) either out of fear for speaking out against “the system” or simply because it doesn’t affect the majority of the upper class on a daily basis… 😦

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