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Book Review: “My Mother, My Self” by Nancy Friday

I found this book in the most oddest of places – in a popular backpacker’s hostel in Boquete, Panamá. I had been longing for a good book to read for many months. My good friend worked in this hostel and I was hanging out there one night when I saw the small bookshelf. Low and behold, this was the only book that caught my attention. I had been at odds with my mom for a few months so I thought this book might be a painful but necessary read.

It thankfully turned out much less painful than anticipated. And also very necessary. Nancy Friday touches on the very unique relationship between a mother and daughter. I believe it is necessary for every woman to read this book, as we all have mothers or have been mothered by someone. Of course this book is doubly important for those who have daughters, especially young daughters, to understand how their image will ultimately be imprinted on the child.

Even though Friday wrote this in 1977, it still holds immense relevance for today’s women. I agree that the feminist movement has done away with some long-held beliefs about a woman’s traditional role (in the Western world), but I would guess that the majority of women today can still very closely relate to Friday’s findings of how joined we are to our mothers all through life until we make the conscious separation.

This is honestly a must-read. Though men should be aware – Friday does not expose the beautiful side of a mother-daughter relationship. Things get real in this book and it’s not very pretty.

This book is a real “thinker” and is not a fast read. Friday dives in deep and doesn’t leave a stone unturned. It will certainly make you think of your relationship with your mother in a new way.

I wanted to list some of my favorite quotes from the book, but honestly there are too many to pick out just a few. For me, I found revelations every few pages… and I hope the same happens for you!


3 comments on “Book Review: “My Mother, My Self” by Nancy Friday

  1. loseyateefa
    September 4, 2013

    I’ve never read this one but definitely will. And being sandwiched between 2 generations puts me in a double pickle, sometimes its bread and butter, sometimes sour. Thanks for sharing this. 🙂

    • mbstrawn
      September 6, 2013

      YES spot on with your pickle analogy! 🙂

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