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Check this out: “Effective Altruism” Ted Talk

I really enjoyed this Ted Talk. Then I started reading the comments from the Ted Website and I got bogged down with all the criticism. This happens to me a lot actually and I think it’s because I am out-of-touch with American culture. Americans love to pick apart and criticize everything. Of course, not all Americans! But it is our nation’s culture to debate and argue because we hold freedom of speech very dear to our hearts.

Growing up in the Southeastern United States, I was not raised in this culture with the rest of America (again, not ALL, but many of the major cities share this culture). Now living outside of the United States I continue to “guard” myself from it. Until I read things on the internet of course…

I think that the overall message of this talk by Peter Singer is very important. I think we all need to really evaluate how we are living our lives and spending our money. I do not agree that we should shoot to become bankers because I sincerely am against what the world-wide financial system has become. I also think it’s important to work in something that you enjoy, NOT just because it’s a job that makes a lot of money.

What I am saying is that anyone and everyone has the ability to help others less “fortunate” than themselves – through time and/or money. That’s effective altruism to me – making a conscious effort to live simply and doing what you can for the benefit of others.

Sure the whole system is FUCKED UP. The cause of poverty is way bigger than the solutions that we are giving. But are you really going to overthrow Wall Street and governments and pharmaceutical companies, etc.?? No. You aren’t.

So do what you can while you have this short time on Earth. Whatever that may be.


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