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Check this out: Easily Explained Global Wealth Inequality

I love that video because it is so CLEAR.

Sure, we can talk about poverty all day. But people are still suffering. There are more non-profit organisations than ever before, and the numbers aren’t really getting much better.

I love this article on Think Africa Press because it gets right to the heart of the matter. “The richest 0.001% of the world control 30% of the financial wealth; the wealthiest 0.1% about 81%. So the rich are indeed extremely rich.”

And the rich continue to pass on the rich to their small family and to hold onto that money as tightly as possible. Sure this isn’t true in 100% of the cases, but it is true for the majority.

You can’t quite understand how devastating this is until you experience it firsthand, which a great majority of us never will. We were brought up in families who at least had some savings, a decent education, owned a home or a car, etc. They had leverage. They had people to go to to help them out, maybe with a small loan or maybe with talking to someone to help them get a job.

Just try to imagine what the truly poor have.

That’s right – nothing. And very very very little chance of moving up in this world because of stereotypes, racism, prejudices, bad education where they are brought up (not their fault), disease or sickness (from not having a good source of water, healthy food or sanitary living conditions), worn or second-hand clothes, shoes and belongings, etc.

And I’m not even talking about “moving up” to become doctors, scientists, world-travelers. I just mean gaining a decent education to compete in this world and securing a safe and respectable job.

The wealthiest of the wealthy have created this world and society which we live in. And this is the same in basically any country all over the world thanks to television and movies. This world tells us what is good, trustworthy and acceptable and what is NOT. Of course the wealthy are going to promote themselves, their lifestyle, their product to keep themselves on top, gaining more and more. And they are going to keep everyone else in their place because there isn’t enough room at the top for more “big dogs”.

I’m sure you know I’m not talking about just the richest of the rich. We are all secretly and greedily competitive when it comes to money. Aren’t you happy to know that you make more money than so-and-so? Doesn’t it make you feel good to have the latest iWhatever? Don’t you love to eat at an exclusive restaurant, even if it’s only once a year?

What if everyone had the same things that you did, the same opportunities, the same happiness of eating at a nice restaurant once in a while? Sounds communist I guess. But in a way, capitalism is meant to breed competition, right? So you are always going to have a winner and a loser.

Let me tell you, it sucks EVERY SINGLE TIME for the loser because LIFE is NOT a game.

But this is what society pushes, so we just go with it. Striving ever and ever harder to be wealthier and wealthier, following the dream and vision that the richest of the rich give us. All the while, the poorest of the poor are being left behind without even a thought from the ones just above them.


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