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Check this out: Boston Fed President Helping Out Main Street

Eric S. Rosengren is not your typical Federal Reserve Bank President. Mr. Rosengren realises the importance of all rungs of society, not just the top executives and bankers. His Boston … Continue reading

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Check this out: Native American Bilingual Education in California

I hate to think of languages being lost, especially in this day and age when we have  so much digital help to preserve them. In order to “save” a language, … Continue reading

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Check this out: Pop-Up Services

Have you heard of these “Fit-It” services? They are really catching on! What a simple but wonderful idea to help people fix things that have great value to them. This … Continue reading

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Check this out: Women’s Unequal Lot

Isn’t this the discussion of the decade? Sheryl Sandberg really started something. By this point, there have been probably hundreds of articles published about the “can a woman have it … Continue reading

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Check this out: Watch What You Say, Men

This article below shows exactly what is STILL wrong with the world today. Funny the way that politics seems to highlight our country’s worst behavior. Women are still stereotyped as … Continue reading

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Check this out: Producing Business Cards for Everyone

This is 22 year old Natasha Viljoen from South Africa. She has turned an amazingly simple idea into a successful project and life-changer for local artisans in Cape Town. Natasha … Continue reading

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Check this out: Senate Republicans Block Bill on Equal Pay

This article below is from a liberal source, but seriously, what is the Republican’s argument for not passing this bill?? The article says, “Republican lawmakers have said that given existing … Continue reading

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Suggested Internet Reading

Meet Rocky! (sorry for the crappy photo) He’s our 3.5 month old Siberian Husky, which we got on Monday. :) As promised, the mix this week is much more varied!

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Icon Company: CVS Pharmacy

It’s a pretty big deal that CVS is stopping the sale of Tobacco Products by October 2014. Their reasoning mentioned in this article below is spot on – they are … Continue reading

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Icon Person: Dr. Hawa Abdi

When you think you are having a bad day, why don’t you remember what this woman has fought through and take note that she survived. Dr. Hawa Abdi is an … Continue reading

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Icon Person: Edna Adan

It says something about a person when they choose to move to a place where everyone else is fleeing. Edna Adan left Somaliland (not internationally recognised as a country, but … Continue reading

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Icon Person: Denis Mukwege

It’s difficult to talk about gang rape, but Dr. Denis Mukwege goes beyond just talking about it to helping the victims in, many times, a life-or-death situation and denouncing gang-rape … Continue reading

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Icon Company: TOMS

I think most of us are familiar with the TOMS brand by now, but maybe you don’t know what they really do and why they do it. Their business model … Continue reading

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Suggested Internet Reading

We received our first rain in many months today. Oh so refreshing! And much needed since we’ve had multiple brush fires lately… I really try to keep my sources diverse, … Continue reading

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